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As you know having sweaty feet sucks plainly put. By the end of the day your soaks are soaked and your feet stink…. Maybe they even look a little prune like. Do your feet even sweat when it is cold outside? I bet they most likely do if you have found this site.


1.) Socks For Sweaty Feet

Socks are at the top of the list in preventing/mitigating the discomfort associated with having sweaty feet. During my research I found a lot of conflicting information regarding what material is best. Some people said 100% cotton, some said 100% synthetic and others promoted some type of wool.

Not only have I figured out what the best socks for sweaty feet are but I have also have broken it down into… Ready for this…. The best socks for sweaty feet for: general wear, dress socks and finally the best winter socks for sweaty feet.  I even have sock recommendations for ballerinas with sweaty feet, okay not really but let me know if you are interested.

Having good quality socks for sweaty feet is at least 64.667% of the battle in conquering dryness over your wet feet! Okay its more like 64.6675245% but I figured I would not want to confuse you with my exact statistics and percentages for the “socks sweaty feet algorithm I developed! ”

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2.) Boots & Shoes For Sweaty Feet

This is a hard one because most shoes are specifically designed to keep water from getting in and provide little ventilation if any to the outside of the shoe or boot. The best shoes for sweaty feet allow the moister from inside your shoe to evaporate off rather than being trapped inside your shoe. If you get no ventilation from your shoes then you will get what I call “bucket foot syndrome.” Now don’t go googling “bucket foot syndrome” as it is something I copyrighted. Oh and if you are a yahoo’er or Bing ‘er then you… Well never mind you couldn’t have found my page.

Oh and yes I have a recommended list of footwear and it includes…. The best shoes for sweaty feet (general wear), best boots for sweaty feet and tap dance shoes for sweaty feet. I am not joking about the tap dance shoes… Click it… I dare you… LOL… I know you can’t resist!

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3.) How To Stop Sweaty Feet & Proper Foot Care

Wash, wax and spit shine. Actually proper foot care is very important if you regularly have sweaty feet. You need to do more than just wash them with soap and water, I will cover this in more detail on the linked page. Learn about topical treatments, antiperspirant and other helpful advice to stop or slow down how much your feet sweat.

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Welcome, my name is Mike Anderson and we are just alike in at least one way, we have sweaty feet. I know, what conversation starter right? Picture yourself at a “sweaty feet anonymous meeting.” Go ahead say it…  Look to your left and and then your right and then say it…. “My name is ______ and I have sweaty feet.” Are you feeling less alone in your quest for dry feet yet?

I hope that you find my humble attempt at humor somewhat amusing in the least. Many of my articles are very long but extremely informative so I try to break it up with a little humor here and there. I have had wet sweaty feet all my life and I went on a quest to solve my problem. I learned that there is no real cure but I improved my the situation 100 fold and I want the same thing to happen for you!

“Remember that sweaty feet know no boundary, race, creed or sex. It crosses all ages, classes and ethnicities…”

Source: Matt Douthit (feel free to quote my quote if needed)

Okay time for some real information. Drum roll please! (Picture Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation)

Learn which products I use to keep my sweaty feet dry and comfortable all day long.

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Sweaty Feet – The Why, How & Everything Else about your feet

Hyperhidrosis – The cause of sweaty feet

Picture of an infographic stating "Hyperhidrosis, the cause of sweaty feet .When I first set out to cure my sweaty feet I found contradicting information in every other article I read and I found it to be very irritating and unhelpful. Doctors have no answers and the ones that do have completely different opinions. This does not mean that doctors are wrong, dumb or misinformed.

There is only a very small minority of us in the USA that have a problem with sweaty feet and it is not serious health condition so the medical community pays little attention to the issue. When doing my research and talking with doctors I found that the term “Hyperhidrosis” [hahy-per-i-droh-sis] kept coming up. Let’s take a look at this term and what it really means for me and you. I promise you can suffer through the explanation if you are blind and don’t have audible reading software.


What is Hyperhidrosis?

Let’s first take a look at a textbook definition of Hyperhidrosis from a trusted source. I know that textbook definitions are really exciting and all but you really need to calm down and ease the tension off that mouse before she explodes on you. Really just relax here it comes….

Hyperhidrosis is the condition characterized by abnormally increased sweating, in excess of that required for regulation of body temperature. It is associated with a significant quality of life burden from a psychological, emotional, and social perspective. As such, it has been referred to as the ‘silent handicap.”

Source: Wikipedia

What I have found through my own experience and research about Hyperhidrosis varies GREATLY from person to person. Some people find that their sweaty feet are anywhere between being somewhat irritating to nearly debilitating. Hyperhidrosis can be localized (in one part of your body) or generalized (over the entire body). For me personally my feet sweat excessively more than the rest of my body. This is why I have made this site primarily about sweaty feet. This may or may not be true for you but I would assume your feet are the problem since you are on a website named Sweaty Feet Solutions.


Symptoms of sweaty feet caused by Hyperhidrosis

Here are a few symptoms and byproducts of having sweaty feet (like you already don’t know by this point right?):

  • Foot Odor – Nobody’s feet just naturally stink, the stink comes from the bacteria on your feet. More specifically it is the bacterias poop that smells! Eww right? It has a lot of sulphur it it.
  • Itchy Feet – Same cause as above (bacteria/fungus) and also can be from your skin just being irritated because your feet are wet and sweaty all day long.
  • Toenail Fungus – I have not had this problem but many people do and it can be difficult to get rid of sometimes. But again keeping your feet dry will help tremendously.
  • Wet Socks – A real shocker here let me tell ya!
Learn which products I use to keep my sweaty feet dry and comfortable all day long.

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Causes of Hyperhidrosis

The exact cause of Hyperhidrosis is unknown. Not only are we so lucky to have abnormally sweaty feet but nobody even knows why! I mean talk about hitting the lottery right? Ill pass up that million dollar ticket for the sweaty feet one in a second…. Yea not really but at least we can fill up a swimming pool on demand!

Here is what we do know:

  • Some doctors claim that the nervous system is overactive and causes heavy sweating.
  • Some other doctors claim that the actual sweat glands are overactive.
  • Some people/doctors say that the excessive sweating occurs more when they are nervous (this includes me).
  • Each of the above sentences start with the word “some”… Probably should change that but then living life on the edge can be exhilarating!!!


Diagnosis and Treatment of Hyperhidrosis & Sweaty Feet

I am only going to touch on this a little bit. If you want more information I have some other articles that go more in depth into treatments for Hyperhidrosis like how to stop sweaty feet. Here is an overview of what is available for the treatment of Hyperhidrosis:

  • Antiperspirant – Over the counter and prescription based antiperspirants help
  • Socks – Learning what types of socks are best for sweaty feet will go a long way in helping you.
  • Proper foot care – Learning how to take care of your feet is vital to preventing further or more serious issues.
  • Shoes & footwear – Wearing the proper shoes and/or boots helps.
  • Medical intervention – Medication can be prescribe and in extreme situations you can have surgery to sever the nerves to some of your sweat glands. There is also the option of Botox injections but this is only a temporary fix and can be harmful in the long run. You can read more about medical treatments here on a different site since I am not a doctor..


For me the combination of a good over the counter antiperspirant, proper socks, shoes and foot care sincerely improved my issues with having wet feet. I also invested in high quality boot/shoe dryer. Most people do not have to go to the extent of major medical medical treatment. While it is not possible to really cure sweaty feet without major surgery it is very possible to make it a non issue for you by investing in the proper foot products.

“According to the US National Library of Medicine, less than 40 percent of people with excessive sweating seek medical care.”

Source: American Podiatric Medical Association

Learn which products I use to keep my sweaty feet dry and comfortable all day long.

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How to Mitigate or Cure Sweaty Feet

Picture of sweaty feet crossed out.There is only one cause of sweaty feet, Hyperhidrosis as explained above but the sweating or symptoms can be made much worse by wearing the improper footwear, poor foot care and the wrong types of socks. At the bottom of the page I have made a list of all the helpful things you can do to minimize the affects of having sweaty feet. There really is no true non invasive, 100% cure for sweaty feet but we can decrease the amount of sweat and mitigate the symptoms as much as possible.

Remember that each person is different and I can only give you my thoughts, opinions and knowledge from my many hours of research and first hand experience. I will provide a link about each subject matter below for detailed information and my recommendations on products. Trust me when I say that doing all of this research was way more boring than reading this forever long article! Its almost over…. Or is it… Muahhhhh ha ha ha