Best Boots For Sweaty Feet

I know your pain! My name is Mike Anderson and I have had sweaty feet my entire life. I have worked in many industrial settings as well as oil rigs and know that having sweaty feet and wearing boots is a bad combination than can lead to a host of discomfort and problems. I have worn nearly every boot under the sun and I want to share with you what the best boots for sweaty feet are.


The Best Boots For Sweaty Feet – Original SWAT Boots Review

Whenever I write an article I often have several brands or styles of something I will recommend since people have varying needs and tastes. Over the years I have tried many different pairs of boots and was not happy with them at all until I found these. So rather than to offer options that don’t work I want to concentrate on what does work.

Original S.W.A.T. – The best boots for sweaty feet

Original SWAT boots are hands down the best boots for sweaty feet that I have ever worn. I have significantly been able to reduced how much my feet sweat by wearing these boots and appropriate socks.


Picture of the best boots for sweaty feet.
Classic 9 Inch Tactical Boot

Why I love Original SWAT boots for many reason including:

  • Numerous models of boots that actually breath really well
  • Comfort is outstanding
  • Quality is Exceptional
  • Constructed with sweat wicking material
  • Economically priced
  • Multiple colors with a wide range of sizes
  • Durable – Nylon shank design (great for metal detectors)
  • Great traction
  • Low break in period




Original SWAT makes many models of boots that are well ventilated and appropriate for someone with sweaty feet. They offer a wide verity boots and shoes with or without composite safety toes to full size tactical/combat boots.


Picture of a low cut work boot for sweaty feet.
Metro 5″ Composite Toe
Picture of a side zipper breathable boot for sweaty feet.
Side Zipper Boots Tactical
Picture of a low rise boot made by Original SWAT.
Classic 6 Inch Boot







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What you will love about these boots Original SWAT boots

Let’s take a look at what makes Original SWAT boots so much better than their competitors.


Made for people with sweaty feet

The ventilation of these boots allows a lot of the sweat on your feet to evaporate through the vented material on the tongue and sides of the boot. A larger portion of the boot is covered in this material, much more than similar brands do.

A large portion of the boot is made from synthetic fibers that will naturally “wick” or pull the moisture away from your feet and socks to the outside of the boot.


Proven comfort

These are the same boots that many military personnel (not issued) and law enforcement agencies use day in and day out. These are some of the most comfortable boots that I have ever worn and are great for outdoor and indoor work even on concrete floors. The built in air shock heel is excellent at absorbing vibrations, shock and relieves a lot of pressure even while walking. One former Iraq war war veteran had this to say about Original SWAT…

“I had a pair in Iraq wear I was on my feet a lot and they were the most comfortable things I could have ever bought over there. I am now looking to buy a pair of black ones to wear here stateside.”

Source: Officer.COM


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Very solid quality construction to say the least. Nearly all of the seams are triple stitched and the soles have a very unique tread that grips well and will not mark up floors like cheaper quality boots. The leather quality on the toe is great and can be polished to a high gloss if needed.

I have never owned a pair of the side zip up style of boots but I have seen a number of reviews that say the zippers are not of the best quality. With that being said I have not seen much in the way of the zippers actually breaking but this may be something to investigate if you are wanting side zip ups.


What I don’t like about the boots

I only have two complaints. As noted above the zippers may be less than high quality but I can’t confirm this. The only other complaint is that they are made in Cambodia. I would love to see such a great product made in the USA but understand that costs here state side could make the boot a more expensive.

All in all I love these boots and are they are the best boots for sweaty feet that I have ever worn.


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