The Best Shoe Dryers – What really works to keep your boots and shoes dry!

Have wet shoes or boots? Do your feet sweat a lot or do you just have the occasional puddle of water creep through your foot causing you to do that funky one legged shake? Well whatever the cause is of having wet shoes or boots we can all agree that it sucks. So what is the answer? Having the best shoe dryer! Let’s take a look at the best shoe dryers out there and how they work.


The best shoe dryers

There are many different boot and shoe dryers out on the market. Most of them work in a similar manner using warm air convection to dry out the shoe or boot from the inside. So what makes the best shoe dryer for you? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Capacity – Do you want to dry more than one pair of boots or shoes at a time?
  • Versatility – Having the ability to dry gloves, socks or hats may be another determining factor.
  • Noise – Nobody wants to listen to a high speed fan run all day or night. A quiet shoe dryer is the best!
  • Efficiency – How fast your shoes or boots dry out may also be something to consider.


How boot and shoe dryers work

Shoe dryers are very simple in design but very effective. Below you can see a simple diagram of how a shoe dryer works.

Diagram of how the best shoe dryer works. Each part is labeled and shows the airflow direction.

(click diagram to enlarge view)


List of the best shoe dryers

Below you will find a list of the best shoe dryer or boot dryers that are available on the market.


1) DryGuy, Force Dry DX – 4 Shoe Dryer

Picture of the DryGuys shoe dryer.

This one of the best boot/shoe dryer that we have used. The unit is capable drying and will fit anything from toddler sized shoes and boots to adult sizes. With having two different sized tubes you can easily dry anything including gloves, socks and mittens.

  • Quiet – You can hear the fan run but it is not loud or annoying.
  • Efficient – Capable of drying out dampt shoes or boots within an hour, very wet shoes and boots in about two hours.
  • Safe – The air is only warmed to about 105 degrees. This air temperature is safe for children and pets.  It is also not warm enough to melt, warp or deform your shoes or boots.
  • Quality – This is a very well built unit and is the best shoe dryer available for the money. 

2) PEET Dryer –  4 Shoe Express Dryer

Picture of the PEET shoe dryer.

Another great boot and shoe dryer that could take the number one spot for the best shoe dryer. This unit is generally priced a bit higher than our number one pick though. You may want to spend a bit more on this if you are seeking a more versatile unit.

The quality is excellent and operates just as well as our number one pick and is suitable for all types of boots and shoes.


Some of the added features you get with this shoe dryer:

  • LED timer readout
  • Helmet dryer attachment (sold separately)
  • Glove dryer attachment (sold separately)
  • 12 inch extensions (sold Separately) 

3) Original PEET Dryer – 2-Shoe Electric Shoe Dryer

Picture of the PEET single shoe and boot dryer.

If you are on a budget or only need to dry one pair of shoes at a time then this is the model for you. It is an excellent shoe dryer that will work for many years to come. It is the same great quality as the above units and will work just as well.

  • This unit is very quiet
  • Plug in to turn on or unplug to turn off
  • Safe for all boots and shoes
  • Long enough to fit the tallest boots 

4)  DryGuy Travel Dry DX – Portable She Dyer 

Picture of a portable shoe dryer.

This is a great shoe dryer that is is portable and comes with a standard 110v cord for household use and 12v cord for use in any vehicle. This unit will produce warm air up to 99 degrees and is safe with all types of shoes and boots.  The average time to completely dry significantly wet shoes or boots is about 3 to 6 hours. While this is not as powerful or quick drying as the larger home units it is great if you are short on space or traveling. 



Advantages of using a shoe dryer

Besides having dry shoes there are a number of reasons to use a shoe dryer, particularly if you have sweaty feet or smelly feet.


Foot hygiene

Bacteria and funguses thrive in warm damp areas of our bodies. Foot odor is caused by bacteria and can become unbearable in some cases. Using a shoe dryer will keep this bacteria from living inside your shoes or boots. If you have problems with foot odor, athlete’s feet or nail funguses a good quality shoe dryer will significantly help you combat the problem.


Improved shoe life

Shoes and boots that are consistently wet will wear out quicker than those that are dried out properly. Some shoes and boots are just not made to be wet and will often delaminate or the internal fabric will pull away from the inside of the shoe. Drying some shoes and boots at a high temperature can also cause damage and shrinkage. The best shoe dryer will not produce temperatures high enough to cause any damage to any type of footwear.