The Best Work Socks Ever!

The Best Work Socks Ever! – Keep your feet dry and comfortable in your work boots


I have worked on my feet most of my life in various positions from construction, welding and oilfield work. I always knew how import it was to have good quality work boots. Who wouldn’t want a good, comfortable pair of breathable work boots if you are on your feet for 8 to 16 hours a day. Most people will drop $150 to $300 on good boots but won’t spend more than a $1.99 on a pair of sock. Are you guilty of buying the jumbo sock pack at walmart for 6 bucks?

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The Best Survival Socks – What will keep you dry and comfortable!

Picture of an infographic saying "best survival socks, socks that with live longer than you!"

If it is one thing I know about it’s socks, foot health and proper foot hygiene. I also have an interest in long distance hiking, camping, outdoor activities and wilderness survival. Socks are one of the most overlooked aspects in survival clothing but is one of the most important. We all talk about boots, jackets, packs and want not but most people do not put a thought into what is the best survival socks. Let’s take an in depth look at the best survival socks and what makes them so vital to your survival.

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