List Of The Best Dress Socks For Sweaty Feet

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So let me guess… Your feet sweat like crazy just like mine?  Do you have hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)? Well anyway welcome to the only article in the world about the best dress socks for sweaty feet in the world!

In the list below you will see socks that are truly made for sweaty feet, not stuff that is just thrown up without a thought given. My name is Mike Anderson and I have had sweaty feet all of my life  I can relate to your issue. My quest for the solution for my sweaty feet led me to create this website and I hope that you find the information very helpful in the least.

Learn which products I use to keep my sweaty feet dry and comfortable all day long.

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List Of The Best Dress Socks For Sweaty Feet

1) Darn Tough Socks, Merino Wool Dress Sock

Darn Tough dress socks are the best dress socks for sweaty feet hands down. There is literally not even a close second on this list. I have been a Darn Tough dress sock customer for years and I absolutely love them.

Picture of the best dress sock for sweaty feet.
Darn Tough Dress Sock

Why you will love these socks

  • Wicking Power –  Made from shrink treated 46% fine gauge Merino and 54% synthetic fibers, these dress socks not only look professional but pull/wick the sweat away from your feet very effectively.
  •  Temperature Control – Merino wool is not your grandmother’s wool, it is soft, comfortable and regulates body temperature very well when compared to cotton or full synthetic socks. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter you get the best of both worlds here.
  • High Density Knit – Darn toughs dress socks have more stitches per square inch than 99% of all other socks out there. This makes them highly durable and very comfortable. This is very similar to high thread count sheets and bedding.


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What?… Socks Forever? Really?

Well Darn Tough Socks doesn’t just offer quality 100% US made in Vermont socks but they backup their name and craftsmanship with a real unconditional lifetime guarantee on every single sock they sell.

Unconditional lifetime guarantee—simply and without strings or conditions:If our socks are not the most comfortable, durable and best fitting socks you have ever owned, return them for another pair, or your money back.

No strings. No conditions. For life.

Source: Darn Tough Socks


The lifetime warranty also extends upon you just liking the socks as seen below.


“If you were able to wear out a pair of Darn Tough socks, we’ll replace them. At any time. Just package the socks up, fill out the form, and send to the appropriate address—we will send you a brand new pair!”

Source: Ric CabotPresident & CEO of Darn Tough Socks


Why Darn Tough is the best dress sock for sweaty feet

Picture of a Merino sheep that produces wool for socks.Yes they are quality socks and you really can’t lose with the easy return policy and unconditional lifetime warranty. Not only do you get a great guarantee but you also a dress sock that will really work for you.

Merino wool, the material used in the construction of theses dress socks comes from the Merino sheep. These sheep are the elite of the sheep world, like Navy SEALS minus the large explosion, clandestine operations and the underwater demolition skills.

Okay maybe these sheep are not like SEALS but they are an amazing producer of the finest wool in the world. What makes their wool so special and why is it the best for dress socks for sweaty feet you may be wondering? Let’s take a look at a few key points:

  • Antibacterial – Yes believe it or not these sheep produce wool with antibacterial properties. This makes for great dress socks for sweaty feet because stinky bacteria has a very hard time living in the wool.
  • Moisture Wicking – Merino wool dress socks will wick away moisture but also have another unique property. The wool is also has a slight water resistant quality that forces the sweat to the outside of the sock making your feet feel and stay dry all day long.
  • Comfort – Wool is scratchy and can make some people itch but Merino wool is not like at all. If you could look at the wool under a microscope you would see that traditional wool and Merino wool are completely different fibers.


Quality & Comfort

The comfort, quality, wicking power, materials and craftsmanship that go into these socks easily make them the best dress socks for sweaty feet. Many long distance hikers (2,000+ miles) use other Darn Tough socks to keep their feet dry and blister free. I can not speak highly enough of these dress socks, they are truly the best dress sock for sweaty feet that you will find. If you don’t love them then just send them back, you have nothing to lose except comfort if you don’t give them a try!

2) Wigwam, Merino Airlite Pro Socks

Not a bad choice of dress sock at all if you have sweaty feet and they were my go to sock at one time in the past. Wigwam is a very well known brand and has been around for many years. They make quality dress socks that do consist of the prized Merino wool.

Picture of a wigwam brand sock.

  • Made with 34% Merino Wool, 32% Nylon, 27% Dri-Release, 6% Spandex, 1% Polyester
  • A great dress sock for wicking moisture away from your skin if you have sweaty feet
  • A lower price point than most Merino wool socks
  • Solid quality construction but thin
  • Made in the USA
  • A trusted brand with a highly satisfied customer base
  • These are a very lightweight dress sock
  • Seamless toe box for comfort




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Authors Note: The rest of the of the dress socks listed below are significantly worse worse dress socks for sweaty feet. If at the end of the day you are thinking along the lines of “why are my feet so wet” or “I am uncomfortable because my feet are soaked with sweat” then I recommend choices 1 and 2. If you are looking for good dress socks for very mild or occasional sweaty feet and you want to save a couple bucks then choose something from below.


3) Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Crew Socks

Under armour has a loyal following and have become a household name over years. They make quality products and there dress socks are no different than the rest of their products.

Picture of under armour dress socks for sweaty feet.

    • Under Armour uses 49% Polyester, 35% Cotton, 14% Nylon and 2% Spandex in these dress socks. Cottons is a big no no if your feet sweat a lot. It will hold water rather than wick it away.
  • Good solid quality construction
  • Treated with a chemical that prevents bacteria growth
  • The polyester in these dress socks will wick away the sweat from your feet


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More choices for of dress socks for sweaty feet?

I wish that I could put a longer list of the best dress socks up but I simply can not find anything that works good enough for you not to waste your time and money on. I have tried just about every sock on in the world and none have even come close the above mentioned socks, particularly number one and two.

If you hate Merino wool socks (allergic or some other reason) then I would urge you to look into polyester dress socks. They do a fair job at wicking moisture and are the next best option if you need dress socks for your sweaty feet.

Learn which products I use to keep my sweaty feet dry and comfortable all day long.

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